How to copy files from persisting storage to computer

Issues information

  • OS: Linux
  • databases: None
  • Programming language and version: Python3 and C
  • Link to your project on Github/Gitlab: The python repo is private, the C is digilib
  • Link to your application - Should i be linking the board for the project? This isn’t a webserver/webapp, if that’s what’s been asked for

I deployed my project with qovery and it is running perfectly, been loving using this platform, but i need help.
A brief rundown of the project, my application has two layers, one written in python that uses the DIscord API to receive and send messages to a server on that app, and another layer written in C (an .so that python uses) that has all the project’s logic. So that i could see what is happening with the C side of things, i have written some logs that are saved in disk for me to access later, i already configured a persistent storage system within my qovery application configurations, and it is being persisted as it should.
Now for the question, is there a way for me to access these files in my computer? I could use the qovery shell to read them but shell closes way too often for me to do any sort of analysis. I tried searching for an answer to this but all i could find is someone who had an http server and wanted some files to be exposed to the front end, which isn’t what i want, i only want to copy the files without exposing them to other people besides me.
Is there a way to do this?

Hi @Evaghetti - welcome and I’ll make my best to help you.

I would highly recommend you to use an Object Storage service like AWS S3 instead of a Local Disk. A local disk is great for I/O performance but it would not be easy to download the data. By using an online Object Storage system like AWS S3 it would be a breeze. Plus, it’s a better practice for your use case.

S3 is definitely the way to go.

Check out this guide :point_down: