Possibility to add an S3 bucket via Qovery?


is it possible to add and manage an S3 bucket via Qovery?

if I look at adding storage in Qovery it seems to be a virtual drive for the server rather than a bucket.

Thank you!

Hi @cristianbell , what is your use case? I will try to find you the best resource to suits your need :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: we just need 3 simple S3 bucket to save files. We already have an AWS account set up with Qovery. One has a shorter retention period, the others standard. Signed URLs are the way we’ll read data from them.

I dusted out the terraform script for this, if there is no way to create such a resource via the interface that’s ok, :slight_smile:

And did you consider creating those buckets programmatically when one of your applications starts directly from your code? Or with an Docker entrypoint script? It can be easier to manage since your app probably connects to those buckets.

It’s also a valid one :+1:

cool, thank you for the ideas!

the script and/or Docker entrypoint script sounds like a good idea, but:
the only advantages I see is that the infra is part of the docker container* and that the bucket id can be provided to the code.

down side:

  • I only managed infrastructure using cloud formation and terraform. Are any of them readily available on the system docker is running on? We can install terraform, add the credentials, but… overhead
  • the buckets only need to be created once. They will stay as they are for a long time, they don’t need to be re-created w/ every server deployment.

note to *: our docker files are different for local and qovery: locally we have different containers - db, pgadmin (some devs want it, long discussion) which we don’t require on qovery. :slight_smile:

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Hi get your point, but why don’t you keep running the create S3 bucket command locally then? What would be the best option that Qovery can provide you for this?