NGINX application error after/during deployement

Hi team,

Yesterday I did a deployement and the application just stopped responding - I got a “NGINX application error” on (I stopped the deployement, restarted it - which did the trick) - Now it’s kinda back to normal but I have 1 pod that seems damaged

What should I do ? And do I need to do so that I can deploy safely without without having this application error :scream:

Hello @CBaptiste,
I am going to take a look at it. Can you give the web console url of your application?

Here you go: Qovery

thank you!

I’ve looked at the log of the deployment you canceled, and it appears that the following error occurred:

warning: The node was low on resource: ephemeral-storage. Threshold quantity: 2146223340, available: 1286504Ki.

When looking at the resources of the nodes, I see that the storage resources are close to the limit of 20G, which you have set as the disk size in the resource settings of your cluster.
I think you need to increase the disk size in your cluster settings.

Let me know if it helps.

I will change the settings - it says “Changing these parameters might cause a downtime on your service.” - for the time of a full cluster deployement ?

Thank you!

It should be below a few minutes. It can occur if you have some app that has only a single instance running (so only on 1 node) or all the pods are running on the same node.
it will take the time for the app to be killed and restarted on another node