Warning during deployement "NodeHasDiskPressure" and "node was low on resource"


during deploiement on my cluster “production” i see this kind of error

  • The node was low on resource: ephemeral-storage.
  • NodeHasDiskPressure

Do you have any idea why this warning appearing ?

Hi @Nicolas_Hernandez , I let @benjaminch and @Pierre_Mavro respond to this question - I assume it’s related to the Qovery Engine.

Hi @Nicolas_Hernandez ,

Yes, the reason is simple: your applications are using too much disk space on the EC2 instance (a Kubernetes node where it is running on).

Several possibilities and solutions:

  1. You don’t expect to have data stored on your containers as they are supposed to be stateless (could be logs, dumps, temporary files…). I advise you to connect to your containers, find where this leak could come from, and fix the issue. You can use the Qovery Shell to help you on connecting to containers: CLI | Docs | Qovery
  2. It’s expected for a dedicated app that does not need scalability, you can add a disk with a bigger and desired size on this application and mount it to the desired location so you will even do not lose those data.
  3. It’s expected, but those data are temporary, nothing important. You want more space to avoid running out of space on your Kubernetes nodes. So you can upgrade the current disk size on your cluster and redeploy. All your containers will benefit from a larger disk size.