Error: ImagePullBackOff on deployement (trying and failing to pull image)


I have an EC5 (m5 xlarge) that was running fine, but around 7pm yesterday I am not able to deploy (even with random CSS update)
I even deleted the application from my environment and restarted from scratch, but nothing changes

Here is a screenshot:


Do you know what is happening? Thank you

To ByPass this, I tried to create another EC2 cluster called “Staging”, but it failed “Quota reached Internet Gateway for N/A on your cloud provider”.
I am trying to delete this newly created cluster but it’s not completing

Sorry there are 2 problems in 1, Can you help me delete the cluster called “Staging” ?

[update]: cluster was deleted

Hello @CBaptiste,
I am going to take a look at it. Can you give the Qovery url of your environment?

Hello @Pierre_Gerbelot!

Environment: Qovery

application: Qovery

Hey @CBaptiste,
I’ve fixed the issue and deployed your application.
It is an issue that may happen on an EC2 cluster.
We plan to fix this issue soon

Thank you @Pierre_Gerbelot - however it still failing (I needed to add a custom domain to have my app back up)

nevermind, the deployement passed