My cluster is in "deletion is in progress" for the past 90 minutes

Hi there!

I am doing some experiments and I need to delete my cluster, but it’s been on “deletion is in progress” for the past 90 minutes - is it normal ? I couldn’t find how long it is supposed to take :\

Thank you!

Hi @CBaptiste ,

Looking at your cluster, deletion is still in progress. Deletion can take long especially when dealing with S3 buckets (used to store logs (loki)).

So, it’s normal as it takes long on cloud provider side but we have couple ideas to improve that in the future.


Ok all good then :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Any chance that the errors I am seeing are making the process fail?

As of now, you cluster is still destroying S3 buckets. This error will not help for next step. Let me check why this is happening.

Hey @CBaptiste ,

You cluster have been deleted.
Turns out that the whole deletion process took a looooot of time due to S3 buckets deletions (logs). The latter took very long time to delete because it had to empty the bucket first and it contained a lot of files (apps logs).

It’s a known subject on our end that we need to address / optimise at some point, but it’s due to S3 architecture.