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pause application error

well, I have 2 apps in qovery and it turns out that I have not entered here for a long time, and I decided how the apps were working, and I realized that they are out of service, I got the following error: pause application error zecd1c080. Is this due to little activity?

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Hello Husdady_Mena,can you please try again by restarting your app?and if it still continues,please contact the qovery support team.
You can check if:

  1. You have enough credits
    2.Your application code is incorrect or not
    *If it’s an Qovery error,you may contact the support or join the discord community.

You have probably run out of credits, you can check that in organization settings.

Yes, the credits ran out, what can I do to recharge them? I need the app to be back

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You may contribute back to community to get rewards :slight_smile:

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