"Move" an environment to another project in the same cluster

We seek to reorganize our existing environments in different projects in the same cluster. How could we do this?

Hi @markvantage ,

Today, moving an environment from one project to another is not possible, but it’s definitely something we can easily do since it’s purely logical to Qovery.

I put @a_carrano and @Julien_Dan in cc who can estimate if it’s so easy or not :slight_smile:

Hi @markvantage,

Do you want to move your environments in a different project or you would like to modify the cluster in your environment settings?

Because in a project you can have multiple environments using different clusters.


Hi @Julien_Dan,

There will be no modification to the cluster. The environment will stay in the same cluster but under a different project. This is purely for environment reorganization.


Hi @markvantage,

That’s clear and it makes sense. I will add this feature request in our backlog.

I’ll let you know when it’s available.


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Hi @markvantage ,

we are working on this topic right now but I’m wondering if, within the environments that you want to move, you have any pvc (disk) attached to the application.

The issue we have: the project id has been added in the past as metadata of the PVC and it is impossible to modify it afterwards.

Hi @a_carrano,

Yes, some of the environments do have PVC.

thanks for the reply.

Do you think that cloning the environment and modifying the project on the cloned environment would be fine for you?

because we can easily allow the project change for new environments but for the existing ones with a PVC is not simple at all.

That works. I can manually add a PVC after moving the environment.

@a_carrano, any luck?

Hey @markvantage,
Actually it would be too complicated to develop and release this feature.
But if you give us the list of the moves (with environments and projects). We can perform the operation on our side.