"Move" an environment to another project in the same cluster

We seek to reorganize our existing environments in different projects in the same cluster. How could we do this?

Hi @markvantage ,

Today, moving an environment from one project to another is not possible, but it’s definitely something we can easily do since it’s purely logical to Qovery.

I put @a_carrano and @Julien_Dan in cc who can estimate if it’s so easy or not :slight_smile:

Hi @markvantage,

Do you want to move your environments in a different project or you would like to modify the cluster in your environment settings?

Because in a project you can have multiple environments using different clusters.


Hi @Julien_Dan,

There will be no modification to the cluster. The environment will stay in the same cluster but under a different project. This is purely for environment reorganization.


Hi @markvantage,

That’s clear and it makes sense. I will add this feature request in our backlog.

I’ll let you know when it’s available.


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