Migrate my staging environment from one cluster to another

Hey guys, we are wanting to move our production and staging to different clusters with the goal being to isolate the production environment.

I’m curious if there is any recommended or fast way to do this, if i understand correctly as of today I would have to basically recreate the app environment on the production cluster and then use something like Replibyte(or SQL dump) to migrate the entire DB and then just change DNSs right? Is there any way we can just clone the environment with its data to the new cluster? I feel like Qovery should be able to do something like this, but perhaps is a bad practice or a security nightmare, still would love to hear some opinions on whats the best way to perform this task

Hi Juan,

It’s a very good practice :+1:

You can look at this article explaining how to set up a Staging cluster.

You can clone your current staging environment and set your new cluster. Then Qovery takes care of the rest for you. The only thing that you will need to do, is to copy your data and your domain if you have to.

Today when you clone an environment with Qovery, the data are not cloned (yet). It will be in the near future when Replibyte will be integrated with Qovery.

However, you can use Replibyte on your own to easily make the data synchronization.

Let me know if I need to clarify something.

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Got it! So i can clone the app from ClusterA to ClusterB and it will copy the entire environment including secrets but not the db-data nor the domains, right? Then i can just use replibyte or sql-dump to transfer the data

Exactly :+1:

For Replibyte, look at this documentation; you even have this well-written concise article by one of our users.

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