Allow projects to be cloned

Say I want to move all environments from a project into another project: it would be great to either be able to clone environments between projects or to clone a project (so that we can reorganized environments in the cloned project for example).

Is it possible to extract a project into a Terraform file ?

Hi @emmanuelcohenlaroque ,

can you explain a little bit more about the need for cloning an environment within another project? Are the projects within the same organization?

we usually think that projects are self-contained entities and it’s rare to have the same application running on two different projects.

Regarding your second point, we can’t yet export projects into a Terraform file yet. We are planning to add a terraform exporter directly from the console but in a future version.

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Typically I wanted to move/clone a whole environment from one AWS cluster to another one, within the same organization. The advantage of cloning being to copy all env variable and settings. Alternatively, would it be possible to extract a whole environment as a Terraform file?

It is not possible to export the environment as a Terraform file, we will develop this feature in the future but I can’t give you an ETA.

I understand that you want to clone the env on another cluster but why would you like to move it from a project A to a project B. You can already clone an environment on another cluster within the same project.

HI Alessandro. Say I have project Production containing env E1, and another project Staging. I would like to be able to move E1 from Production to Staging.

Hi @emmanuelcohenlaroque ,

We have built Qovery around the idea of having one project containing different environments for the same group of applications (production, staging etc…)

So for your use case, I would create the production and staging environment within the same project.

Is the any particular reason why you have created a staging and a production project?

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