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I try to deploy the three apps that are in master branch.
Each of them is a simple go project with a go.mod

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An error occured because it can’t compile the project (need a docker file). I have followed the mono repo documentation and set up the rootpath correctly (I think :slight_smile: )

If I use the branch oneservice that contains only one service at the root, I have no problem to deploy.

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Is it mandatory to have dockerfile for each service in a monorepo ?

Thanks !!

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Hey @Cecile,

For Golang, you need to provide a Dockerfile to build and run your app. We plan to support more builders with Buildpacks (read more about buildpacks here).

From what I see in your repo. Because you have 3 Golang apps, you can make one single Dockerfile at the root of your project and use it for your 3 services with different build options passed via env variables.

I can make a pull request to show you if you want. Let me know.