Unable to deploy my node js project after i have push a new git commit

I’m unable to deploy my node js project after i have push a new git commit

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I’m unable to deploy my node js project after i have push a new git commit

In the qovery deployment box, it’s showing me an error “Your Dockerfile is not present at the specified location //Dockerfile”.
I think i need to create a dockerfile,
but it’s worked without creating dockerfile before my new commit…

Dockerfile is non-mandatory for nodejs according to this article Applications | Docs | Qovery


Could you please check github webhooks. It should look like this with only webhook.qovery.com .

Yeah webhook.qovery.com is added in there.

The problem is that i need to create dockerfile…

But why should i create dockerfile?..
I should not create dockerfile cause it’s my nodejs project.

What i do then ? Please

Hey @MunnyReol, it’s a bug - our backend team is aware of that. We come back to you as soon as we can. Ty

Thanks for reaching us and sorry for the inconvenience, we are aware of this bug. Next week the new version will be released in beta and the problem won’t be there anymore. Feel free to register the v2 Qovery v2 beta registration. Thanks for your understanding

still we are facing the same error.please tell us how to resolve this

Which platform are you on? V1 or V2?

I have fix this problem by creating a “Dockerfile”

My Dockerfile is look like

FROM node:13-alpine

RUN mkdir -p /usr/src/app

WORKDIR /usr/src/app

COPY . .
RUN npm install

CMD node index.js

But from yesterday I can’t deploy any application.
& My old application has missing.
But my domain is working.

What is that ? Qovery?

What is your issue exactly? What platform are you using?

Your dockerfile looks okay, but I’ll need more info to troubleshoot.

I deployed my project before V1.but now i am using V1

i don,t know anything about dockerfile,where i have to place it and what should be its content please guide me

V1 is getting deprecated soon and no more but fixes are planned, and it’s getting shutdown soon. Please migrate to the V2 as soon as you can, or else you’re going to lose your applications.

Here are some helpful resources: How to Deploy Node.js Express app on Qovery.com | Kartik Tech - YouTube
How to write a Dockerfile | Qovery

can u tell me how to shift from v1 to v2.i already filled the v2 form today.

this should help for migrate from v1 to v2: V2 Migration Guide