Deployment of React application with and without dockerfile + buildpack, errors

Hello! I’m attempting to deploy a React application.

I have created two branches. They are identical except one of them does not have a Dockerfile.

The first deployment was as a nodeJS buildpack but it looks for a Dockerfile and refuses to build.

The second, using the second branch was deployed as Docker, but only after I deleted the dockerfile it actually loaded, which might have been an issue with the dockerfile port but it was set to expose 3000.

I was also not able to change the memory usage on the buildpack deployment because it gave error it could not find the dockerfile when i tried to save it.

(Details was sent in chat.)

Hi @addiva-software ,

Buildpacks does not support building React frontend applications.

I am not sure to understand what you mean by "[..] only after I deleted the dockerfile it actually loaded".

What’s the error that Qovery throws when you try to deploy your app?

What’s the error you are seeing? Can you post the details here?

Thank you

OK I think this was me not fully understanding the platform behaviour just yet. My particular application required a bit extra RAM in particular and it took it quite some time on the default settings so what was actually going on was that the Docker container was working just fine but the subsequent deployments failed and it was the initial deployment that was working.

The other service: utp-frontend-no-dockerfile was from its inception configured to use only buildpack and nodejs, but since that never successfully deployed, the dot is not green.

The error here is actually related to NodeJS version incompatibility, the deployment uses NodeJS18 but I need to use 16 due to some incompatibility issue.

the .nvmrc file contains: 16.15.1 but I’m still getting nodejs 18

So long story short I only have a problem with the wrong nodejs version loading when using nodejs as buildpack, but the intention is to use docker, so I don’t really have a problem it seems =)