Loading .env does nothing

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I keep trying to import my .env, but nothing happens, no major errors in console, it’s just that… nothing happens o.O

Maybe an option to be able to copy paste it might also be interesting, so the alternative is not to just write every variable by hand.

Anyways, do you have any suggestion on how to overcome this? This is occurring on both safari & brave browsers.

Here’s a print of the console after i try some uploads.

I have faced the same issue this morning.

For some reason, in my case, it worked with a specific .env file but not another.

Perhaps try to change your .env file (some validation could be happening + UX issue not reporting it properly).

Hello @andre-cavalheiro ,

I take care of your issue.
Can you confirm me that your variable on your file respect this format ?


Quote or double quote on your variable (name and value), can break the import.
Whitespace before and after the equal sign can break the import too.

Let me know if after this you always have this issue

Probably you want to fix this. @William_Traore

Fix in progress by our Engineering team. Thanks @andre-cavalheiro and @yassine.belmamoun for the report.


yup it is in that format, no quotes

really appreciate it