Load balance 1 application on multiple clusters


Currently, we are using 1 Cluster on AWS with 1 region and 3 zones. We want to use another Cluster on AWS in another region with 3 zones for load balancing and redundancy. Is this possible? At the moment, we can only configure 1 domain for 1 application.

Would it be possible to use a Cloudflare load balancer to use the 2 separate clusters as 2 origins serving the same application and split the traffic 50/50?


Hi @simofacc , I like those kind of architecture questions :slight_smile: Thanks for asking.

Those 2 clusters will use the same database, or do you plan to have any kind of active/active databases or active/passive ones? Is it for HA or Disaster Recovery purposes that you want to initiate this setup?

Hi @rophilogene,

The idea for now is to have a “basic” web application hosted as a Docker app without storage, etc.

I am primarily interested in load balancing the frontend application, but it wouldn’t hurt to be able to load balance RDS in different zones if at all possible.

So, to give you an idea:

Cloudflare LB (50%) → Cluster 1 LB (AWS Frankfurt) → App 1 (www.xyz.com)
Cloudflare LB (50%) → Cluster 2 LB (AWS Ireland) → App 1 (www.xyz.com)