Lifecycle job fails but has no k8s job


i have a enivronment with a single lifecycle job. I use github to clone the env and run the lifecycle job.

However something has happened to make this now error with:

Deployment aborted following a failure to deploy a service. This is a general/global message. Look at your services deployment status to know which one made the deployment fail

If i look at the k8s cluster there is no new namespace created but i can see another namespace of a previous deployment of the same environment.

Can you see whats happened?

Hello @Stephen_Bennett,

Could you please provide the web console of your failing job?

Thank you

do you mean a url for it? or a screen shoot?

[](https://console logs)

Your cluster is a self-managed one, and it seems we have invalid credentials so we can’t access your cluster. This is why the deployment failed.
You have an outdated setup for the self-managed cluster.
I think the best thing to do is to re-create a new self-managed cluster using the following documentation: Self-Managed Cluster | Docs | Qovery

oh thats not good! that will be back to my other ticket i need some updates on then! as i guess its related

can i get an update on this please? guessing i need to uninstall and re-install via the cli?

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