Error when deploying: job failed to be executed in the given X minutes

Hello, I’m trying to deploy a lifecycle job service. According to the logs it completes in about 3 minutes and 20 seconds: from 16:03:02 “Qovery Engine starts to execute the deployment” in the Deployment Logs until 16:06:24 “The seed command has been executed” in the service logs.

However, we see the message “❌ job failed to be executed in the given 5.00 minutes due to ``.

The command has worked previously and, to my knowledge, I don’t believe we changed any config which could have caused it to stop working like this.

The liveness and readiness probes are set to NONE.

Is something maybe going wrong so the deployment system does not recognise that the command has completed running?

The job runs a docker container based on node:16-bullseye
It uses /bin/sh as the entry point in the Dockerfile, and passes [“-c”,“yarn name-of-npm-script”] as arguments from the Qovery UI Configure Job settings.

Hi @will , sorry for the late reply. Do you still have the issue?

Thanks for the follow up @rophilogene! This issue still pops up from time-to-time in preview environments. Usually just once and then a re-run works (maybe time waiting for node autoscaling is factored in to the 5min timeout? or we may just need to bump up the allocated resources for the lifecycle jobs?)

When I raised the issue though - it didn’t work like 4 or 5 times in a row, then I just forced the creation of a new preview environment where it ended up working.

Happy to close this thread for now and re-open if a situation where it’s totally stuck again occurs :slight_smile: :+1:

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