Is it possible to change the branch for a whole environment?

Currenty when changing the branch deployed on an environment, I have to go into every single app and change it there. While being able to change it on the app level is good, it would be quite handy if you could overwrite it on environment level, a bit like the different scopes of variables.

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It makes total sense to me to add a bulk feature to change all the apps in one view at some point. Today it’s not possible via the web UI but it is possible via a good old script and using our API. How often do you need to make this change?

Hi @rophilogene our use case is to test large releases under production-like circumstances which is why we have a staging environment. This happens 2-3 times a week, so would be nice to have this at some point (maybe part of V3? ;))

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There is no ETA for this on the V3 but for me it’s definitely a valid use case. I even find myself changing all the branches from cloned environment. I can provide a workaround via a script if you need to. Cc @a_carrano can you track down this request in our backlog?

done! @FlorianSuchan we will let you know once we have more visibility on the ETA