Is it Google GKE autopilot supported for BYOK?

Is it deploying qovery helm chart supported on a GKE autopilot? I receive many errors regarding the authorisations → denied by autogke-disallow-privilege.

I think that as the status of now the qovery helm chart is trying to deploy/updated unsupported services in GKE autopilot, but I was not able to find any documentation by qovery.

However looking at the cluster resources, seems that the deployment has gone through, it’s just qovery is not able to monitor/manage it because the agent is not deployed.

Hi @Nextools :wave: , could you explain how you proceed to install Qovery on GKE?

I just created a new autopilot cluster, added it to Qovery, downloaded the yaml file with values and followed the guide to install the qovery helm using kubeconfig. It does create the qovery namespace but then I receive the mentioned error for other different resources

Ok, that makes sense; at the moment, since BYOK is in beta, we don’t provide a full guide for GKE, but I can take a look on my end and provide something. But not before a few weeks. We are working on a major update of BYOK right now. In the meantime, you can still use our Managed GKE option.

Thank you for confirming, I will wait then :wink:

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