How to use a docker compose file?

We started to docker our application and we created a docker-compose file. We wanted to test it on Qovery but couldn’t find a way to specify the name somewhere.

We found that thread from 2 years ago where Pierre is saying that it will be done in the next release of Qovery. Deploying (python) app - I have a Dockerfile, docker-compose.yaml, project.env

Do you have any updates on this? Is there a way to use docker-compose with Qovery or the only solution is to split our file into several dockerfiles?

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi @jmeiss ,

we do not support docker-compose yet. The only solution, for now, is to split it into different dockerfiles and create a dedicated service within your environment to manage each of them


Hi Alessandra,

Thank you for your reply.

Are you still planning to support it? If yes, do you have any visibility on a release date?


It is still in our backlog but no ETA since it is not our priority now.