How to reduce the number of attempts to deploy your application with Qovery

Hello, this is a short tutorial explaining how to reduce the number of deployment attempts to your application. This tutorial is for Qovery V3.

Feel free to reply to this thread if you have any question.


Thanks for this one! it really is a time-saver :rocket:

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I’d like to bring additional information.

Today the deployment timeout is automatically calculated by the number of retries of configured probes in the advanced settings.
But below 10 min, the minimum timeout will remain 10 min.
This is because of the different elements we request from the cloud providers (disks, load balancers etc…), which sometimes can take more time than usual.
Leading to deployment failures, whereas waiting some minutes more, generally make it succeed.

The cancel deployment feature is going to be released in the coming months (before the end of the year).

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