Quick Loop / Redeployments

Issues information

  • OS:Windows 10
  • databases:Redis
  • Programming language and version:Telethon
  • Link to your project on Github/Gitlab:

Qovery Loops / Redeployment

I Deployed My Application Here and Its Working Fine But The Disappointing Thing is Qovery Auto Redeployments.
My Application is about store data and share but bcoz of ur every 5 minute Redeployments my data is flushed and this is seriously disappointing.
Please Increase this Auto Deployments time or make it manual so we can choose Redeployment (Loop Period) Accordingly.

Hope you will consider my issue…

Hello, I think the redeployment is caused by new commits pushed to your repository.

We plan to add an option to turn it off in the future, but it’s not yet known when it’s gonna be availalbe. For a workaround, you can turn off Qovery Webhooks directly in Github - in your repository webhook settings.