How to install Redpanda and create topic


I have installed redpanda regarding this reference.

I saw this log
No pods found for requested service. Retry later.
however, how can I create my topic?

how can I connect to redpanda service using kubectl remotely?
thank you

Hi @jameschan0524 ,

can you share the Qovery console link where the service is configured?

Regarding the No pods found for requested service. Retry later. , did you add the Qovery macros as described here? these are necessary to pull the logs and the status of the deployed services

Thank you for your reply.
Here is the link.

Thank you

Hi @jameschan0524,

I see you’ve deleted the replies, do you still any help here?

Yes, still I can not create redpanda topic and even I can not connect using qovery shell.
For quick fix, I am going to remove redpanda service from our backend.

have you specified the container name in your command? the redpanda helm chart deploys 2 containers per pod, can you add a --container redpanda at the end of your shell command?

@a_carrano is this correct?

can you try with:

  1. upgrade the qovery CLI version: qovery upgrade
  2. run qovery shell --container redpanda

Oh wow, finally I am able to create redpanda topics.
Thank you for your help

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