How many AWS EC2 instances do I need?

I have development and production environments of my platform.
On each environment i have 4 apps (frontend/backend app, frontend/backend admin app)
How many AWS EC2 instances do i need to deploy all this?

Is it better to make two different “environments” in qovery - for dev and prod?

Hi @someoneinsomething ,

Can you describe a bit what are the tech stack you are using for your full-stack apps? I can try to share some hints on how much CPU and RAM you would need but it’s still super approximative. I would recommend starting small with a t3a.medium first and then changing the node type if you feel that it is not enough performant.

If you use a Qovery AWS EKS cluster (perfect for production), you will have at least 2 EC2 instances running to keep your service resilient in case of AWS disruption.

If you use a Qovery AWS EC2 instance (perfect for development), you will be able to have only one instance running. (see this thread to get access to the beta)

I recommend you reading the article below