How long an app

I wanted to know within a free account what is the maximum time my application can be in deploy mode?

Hello @tal6203 !

Sorry I am not sure to understand what do you mean by

deploy mode

Do you mean how long a deploy can take on a free account?
If so there is no rule of thumb, it depends on your app.

Do you have any issue with deployment?


Yes check that’s what I meant

When can the app actually shut down

It is about rest api java spring boot that I uploaded using dockerfile

As of today there is no difference between free / paid account as to deploy time.

When can the app actually shut down

What do you mean? If your app has been properly deployed and is running, there is no reason your app got shut down.

Can you give me your app Qovery console URL please so I can have a look?


sure ,

Currently it works but that’s when it turned off for me and I deployed again

Oups sorry I meant the Qovery console URL for your account, something like Qovery

Ok, so you are using Qovery playground which is meant to discover Qovery.
You have 7 days to use it, after what your project will be shut down.


So how do I make it not close?

You should register and use a FREE plan. There you will be able to provide your cloud provider information, create a cluster to deploy / run your apps.

I uploaded it to the tal environment now it won’t turn off for me?

And in addition, it is important for me to know the performance level, what are the limitations?

Hi Tal,

the playground organization (the one you are using) is for testing purposes and we will always shut down your application after a few days.

if you want to run your application for real, you have to:

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