How do you link apps in the same environment?

Hi, I can’t seem to find the documentation about linking apps in the same environment. Is there a particular DNS name that should resolve to the internal IP address?

Hi @prki ,

To link your apps from the same environment, you can use the build in environments variables names suffixed with _HOST_INTERNAL.

It looks like this

From that environment variable, you can create an alias with an ENVIRONMENT scope and give the name that you want to get access to it from any application.

For example with one of my apps, I create an alias REPLIBYTE_HOST with an ENVIRONMENT scope on QOVERY_APPLICATION_Z81F3CF53_HOST_INTERNAL

Then, you can use REPLIBYTE_HOST environment variable in your app. It includes the internal domain name of your application that you can connect to.

Hope it helps

Awesome, thanks for the explanation.