Communicate between applications using internal ip/dns

This requires that I need to use environment variables standardised by qovery in my code. I don’t prefer this. Is there a different way here? Something like setting dns name for application in internal network?

Hi, you can create an alias of a built-in environment variable. Then you’ll not need to change anything on your end.

Am I supposed to find QOVERY_{MY_OTHER_APP}_HOST in built in environment variables and add an alias to it?

Or do I Just set value of my new variable to $QOVERY_{MY_OTHER_APP}_HOST

Environment variable substitution is a feature that we plan to deliver in the coming weeks. It’s not available right now but it will in a few weeks.

Thanks! Is there an easy way to identify applications now? Right now these are random ids

If you put your mouse on hover the icon on the right you will get the name of your app (I know it’s not obvious. This issue is solved with the new major version that is going to be released in soft launch next month)