How do I Optimizing Multi Tier Applications on Qovery

Hello there

I am planning to optimize a multi tier application; so I want to know from the experience member if they try it easier; and

I also want to know about the challenges you faced at that time and how to solve them Please share your experience.

I would like to greatly appreciate your experience. :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @hnnery :wave: ,

Happy to help you on this. Could you first help me to understand what you mean by I am planning to optimize a multi tier application.

What do you define as a multi-tier application? And what do you want to optimize?

Thank you

Thanks for your response.

I am planning to optimize the multi tier application which is a software architecture
where different components of an application are divided into separate layers. This tier is responsible for presenting the user interface to the end user. This tier stores and manages the applications data.

Got it. Can you clarify what you want to optimize/improve? How related it is to Qovery?

I mean to improve the performance and efficiency of a system with multiple tiers such as layout, app logic, and information.