How can I get Terraform output values


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I want to be able to read the Terraform output values after creating a Cloudflare Tunnel using Terraform. When the terraform is done I need to obtain the value TUNNEL_TOKEN. This value then I will save it as qovery application environment variable to be used by another application. All of this I want to be able to do it programmatically. How can I do achieve this?

I saw that the Terraform output values should be saved

but I don’t see them

this is how I have my job

Hey @moisesrodriguez

Seems the link you provided leads to a deleted job.
Can you make sure you followed those steps to get outputs? If so, can you share a redacted example output of your job?


Hi @bchastanier,

I took a deeper look at this and I naively was expecting the outputs just to appear magically, but I learned that I need to have an output in Terraform like:

output "tunnel_token" {
  description = "Cloudflare Tunnel Token"
  value = cloudflare_tunnel.preview_tunnel.secret
  sensitive   = true

So after adding that now I do see the output in Qovery

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