Terraform Questions about project environment variables, qovery_git_token

Hi, i have a couple of Terraform related questions.

1: If you set a project level environment variable. How do you call it from a terraform job?

2: How do you call a git_token from terraform the data source document is empty: Terraform Registry

I tried creating a token via Terraform and getting an output id and then using:

data "qovery_git_token" "github" {
  id = "xxx"

but i get an error

 Error: Error on git token read
│   with data.qovery_git_token.github,
│   on data.tf line 14, in data "qovery_git_token" "github":
│   14: data "qovery_git_token" "github" {
│ Could not read git token 'xxx', unexpected error: 401 Unauthorized

3: How do you link pipelines together in terraformfor example i want to deploy lifecycle job A, then lifecycle job B then helm deployment C