Built-in variables polluting my terraform plan output

Each time I run terraform plan.
Because built-in qovery environment vars are dynamic it pollutes my outputs I cant easily see changes I made.

Is there any way to hardcode these values or supress them from outputs ?

Hello @bayramovanar,

Unfortunately no, as some built_in variables can be recomputed if some attributes from the inner resource change.
A workaround would be to tell terraform to ignore changes on this attribute such as:

resource "qovery_application" "app" {
   lifecycle {
    ignore_changes = [built_in_environment_variables]

The output won’t show the built_in_environment_variables diff, but will display a warning. Despite this warning cannot be removed totally, it can be “minimized” by passing -compact-warnings in the terraform command, i.e: terraform plan -compact-warnings