Get ours environment vars before deploy


I think it will be very usefull to get a little brief of our environment variables just before the deployment (see image below)

When you press deploy you don’t have all environment vars and your app will be deployed… but this will lead to an useless deployment and resource usage in the most case
It will be nice if we can get them before pressing the deploy button or maybe give us the choice to not trigger the deployment process

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @Jonathan_V, thank you for taking the time to give your feedback. Summary before deployment is definitely in our roadmap. We want to make the process of deployment as transparent as possible to avoid bad surprises. And what you suggest is 100% aligned with that. I put in CC @bguyot that is leading the product team. Do not hesitate to report any other feedback. We love that :slight_smile: Have a good day.



Good idea,

Maybe it would be great to submit the idea in the roadmap: Under consideration 💡 - Product roadmap | Product Roadmap

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Hey, thank you both for taking the time to give us this very relevant feedback.
Good news is : In the new version of the UI, this issue won’t exist anymore :slight_smile:
User will add an app in his environment, we won’t deploy it right away. So he’ll be able to check his env variables (and other application settings), and then deploy his application :slight_smile:

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