Need new BUILT_IN environment variables IMAGE TAG DEPLOYMENT_ID

Hi there,

We need variables for deployment IDs, Image names, and image tags. These will help us associate bugs with specific tag or deployment. Can you add them please?

My suggestion are:


Hi @markvantage , I put @Julien_Dan in cc, who will see what we can do for this requirement.

Hi @markvantage ,

can you give more details on why you need this information as environment variable and why it is not enough to have it available via the API/Console or in Kubernetes?

Hi @a_carrano,

As I mentioned, we will use these variables to associate bugs with specific tag or deployment. Many bugtracking tools like rollbar require this info.

I didn’t find a way to pass this info to the app as environment variable. I do want to avoid the extra step of manually updating environment variables with every deployment. I don’t think that is the proper way of handling this scenario. Hence, I am asking for these new variables.

Hi @markvantage,

there were no details on how it was supposed to be used (i.e. rollbar), this is why I was asking.

I’ll see with the team.

For the image name, I’d avoid adding it as env var since it’s static and can be manually added during the setup of the application.