Exposing Kubecost Dashboard via URL?


I recently installed Kubecost on my cluster to monitor my applications and track resource consumption for potential savings but I have no way of accessing the dashboard as of right now. How can I either setup a url to view the dashboard or forward the kubecost application to a port I can view locally?

HI @mattmcguiness , here is what you can do to expose Kubecost (deployed via Helm) from outside with Qovery.

  1. Fork this repo: GitHub - evoxmusic/kubecost-gateway: NGINX Gateway for Kubecost
  2. Create the app with this repo. Add the port 80 and expose it publicly.
  3. Add an environment variable KUBECOST_COST_ANALYZER_HOST_AND_PORT with the value kubecost-cost-analyzer.kubecost.svc.cluster.local:9090
  4. Redeploy your app.

You should be able to access your Kubecost instance via the Kubecost gateway.

Note: this is a workaround, we are working on something more official :slight_smile:

I hope it helps.

Hi @mattmcguiness , I’m just bumping this thread to let you know that we now support an easier way to deploy Helm Charts :slight_smile:

Which is easier to deploy and manage your Kubecost for instance.

Happy to have your feedback