Deploy Kubecost on ARM architecture


I would like to install Kubecost on my cluster but I have problems to configure service account with lifecycle jobs has explained here : Use AWS IAM roles with Qovery | Qovery because there is no docker image qoveryrd/create-sa available for ARM architecture. It is possible to add a build for ARM compatible docker image ?

For information there is the issue I opened on github here : Arm compatible image · Issue #1 · Qovery/create_service_account · GitHub

Thanks a lot

Hello @Orkin
Do you use helm to deploy Kubecost as described in this documentation?
I don’t think you need to configure a service account with this method.

Hi @Pierre_Gerbelot thanks for your reply, I didn’t know this documentation. And the helm was deployed successfully. I have one last problem on the networking purpose : Invalid helm port: port name must match `^[a-z][-a-z0-9]{1,37}$` this regex

So I can’t expose the service. How can I do ?


When defining a port for Helm, it is mandatory that the service name matches the service name taken from the deployment logs. The port name allows customization of the subdomain assigned to access the application port from the internet. The default value is likely to exceed 37 characters. You can customize it to match the regex.

Nice it’s works, thanks !

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