Executing huge queries or loops make qovery shell close server connection

I try to loop through thousands of records executing some stuff on them. After some records qovery shell exits with

ERRO[0031] connection closed by server: websocket: close 1011 (internal server error): EOF from upstream for stdout

The same happens when joining huge tables with hundred thousands of records. Is qovery shell somehow limited?

@Erebe do you have an idea?

Could you already find out anything regarding this issue?

Hello @ThomaSchneid,

Qovery shell is indeed limited,

  • You cannot send more than 10Mb over the connection in total
  • The connection is force closed after 1 hour

Going to bump the limit of data to 100Mb, the previous value was a conservative one, and as we don’t have much issue ATM.
I let you know

Can you retest @ThomaSchneid should be better now for you, I have increased the limit.

Let me know if it is not the case.

Hey @Erebe,

thanks a lot! It’s better now in terms of the data limit :slight_smile:

Could we increase the timeout period for qovery shell connection also, it times out after a few minutes of inactivity

Hi back @ThomaSchneid

Perfect, I already see you are using the shell with the limit unbounded on our monitoring :slight_smile:

Regarding the connection timeout on idle, sadly I am going to decline on this one, as maintaining open connections is costly for us.
I suggest you to do as I do when using aws ssh, when you plan to use the shell for a long time, just run a watch -n 10 date in it to avoid the connection breaking

Thanks a lot for the workaround :+1:

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