Error during the deletion of my cluster in order to close my organization


Relevant information to this issue:

I’m trying to delete the Cluster in order to close my Organization.
But I’m facing an error with the following code :

The cluster seems to be stopped but it still displays : “update error”.

Hey @dandray !
Checking !

Should be good now.

Let me know !


Hi @bchastanier ,
Yes it’s good. Thank you for your help !

Last question : I have 2 accounts, one connected to my Gitlab and one to Github.
I’ve now deleted successfully the cluster on the one I don’t need (Github one), can I now delete the “Organization” properly ? Just want to be sure that my 2 accounts have no link about this.

Thanks !

hi @dandray,

I don’t think there will be any issues, you should be able to delete your organization properly. On the new organization, you don’t make any use of your Github orga right?

Hi !
No, the new organization is linked to my Gitlab only.
Thank you very much for the help !

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