Error 403 on deploying

Issues information

  • OS:
  • databases: POSTGRESQL
  • Programming language and version: Python 3.6

When clickling on the deploy button of my application, I get a 403 response. As can be seen in the screenshot.
My cluster is running properly, the application is in a ready state and Qovery has all the rights to the AWS account.

FROM python:3.6.15
# WORKDIR /code
RUN pip3 install --upgrade pip
RUN pip3 install pipenv
COPY Pipfile Pipfile.lock ./
RUN pipenv install --system --deploy
COPY . ./

# Remove "pipenv run", add the bind argument
# (No need to repeat `command:` in `docker-compose.yml`)

Thank you

Hi @Robin-Bonnin , can you try again? We had a bug this morning that was fixed.

I still have the same error

You reached the max number of deployments with our FREE plan, I’ve upgraded your plan to the PROFESSIONAL one with 14 days trial - then you will have no more limits. You will be able to downgrade back to FREE if it’s enough for you.

Can you try again in ~15 minutes?

Thank you