Environment variable with dots in name

Unable create or import var with dots in name.
Example a.b.c=123
I know it’s not possible to add this variable using export. But that kind of var obsoletely usable if you add this.
Command: env “a.b.c=123”| bash.

So question, how I can add this var at qovery console?

Hi @am0s :wave: , can you share with me the framework / language you are using?

Hi !

The language we are using is Java, framework spring boot.
is there any restriction to use ‘.’ dots in our property’s file ?


From this StackOverflow thread and the Spring Boot official documentation here - it seems it’s possible to replace . with _ with property in upper case.


a.b.c=123 would be A_B_C=123

Can you give a try?

Yes, you right.
Thanks for helpful answer.

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