Do you have some suggestions on how to query my database?

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  • OS: Windows 10
  • databases:Postgres
  • Programming language and version:PHP 8.x
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I am a newb when it comes to shell stuff - I finally was able to get access to our test/dev DB’s by installing scoop and the Qovery CLI. Now I just have issues with things like backspacing over a typo on the command line (the terminal reminds me of VI back in the day). Also, the output (in powershell) when running psql only takes a third of the window size. So it wraps all of the output. Is there a way to fix this? Sorry about the newb questions


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Hi @Mike-Carolan :wave: ,

Would you be more comfortable using an interface to query your database? If yes, here are some options that could suit your need.

Most of them have an official container available that you can use to deploy close to your database and then make it easy to query your DB.

Thank you sir! Yes! It would make it much easier for me! I already use PgAdmin - but it would not connect using our credentials… Do I first have to initialize an authentication using Git - then bring up PgAdmin? Or how does this work? Again… thank you!