Timeout error when trying to connect to the database



  • OS: Ubuntu
  • database: PostgreSQL

I’m trying to connect to my PUBLIC MANAGED Postgres database. I’m using injected QOVERY_POSTGRESQL_<DB_NAME>_DATABASE_URL to connect via psql command

But when I try to connect I get Connection timed out error

Do you know what could possibly cause an issue?

Thank you!

UPD: my database was private before. Then I changed it to public. Same timeout error is raised when I try to connect to private service (e.g. to redis). I suggest postgres db still behaves like private (I redeployed it after I changed Accessibility)

UPD 2: Created a new db but set Accessibility = PUBLIC from the start and this database is accepting connections

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Hi @oleh_m , do you confirm it’s all good for you?

Hi @rophilogene , yes it is working now

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Im having the same issue, i can make the db public and try again but i would really like for it to be kept private. I modified the security-group to accept my VPN IP connection, and it seems like it is being accepted but not completely, i get to open the connection but then the SSL certs are not being exchanged to complete the connection

I’m attempting to use Replibyte as part of our schema migration process but as the connection i being dropped im unable to do so.

Update: It does connect with the VPN on the security-group and the db on qovery being specified as Public

Hello @ditorojuan , which Qovery environment variable do you use ? If your database is private the


should work. Please let me now if you still have hard time with your database.