Timeout error when trying to connect to the database



  • OS: Ubuntu
  • database: PostgreSQL

I’m trying to connect to my PUBLIC MANAGED Postgres database. I’m using injected QOVERY_POSTGRESQL_<DB_NAME>_DATABASE_URL to connect via psql command

But when I try to connect I get Connection timed out error

Do you know what could possibly cause an issue?

Thank you!

UPD: my database was private before. Then I changed it to public. Same timeout error is raised when I try to connect to private service (e.g. to redis). I suggest postgres db still behaves like private (I redeployed it after I changed Accessibility)

UPD 2: Created a new db but set Accessibility = PUBLIC from the start and this database is accepting connections

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Hi @oleh_m , do you confirm it’s all good for you?

Hi @rophilogene , yes it is working now

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