Discord bot cant be deploy in v2

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im trying to run a dicord bot on v2 but it just keep saying application cant be deploy

FROM metabase/metabase
FROM python:3
COPY cogs /usr/local/cogs
COPY dumps /usr/local/dumps
ADD Schwi.py / cogs / dumps /
RUN pip install -r …/requirements.txt
CMD python -u Schwi.py

I think something is wrong with your dockerfile. What does the deployment logs look like ?

In you’re docker file your doing from twice.
One time with metabase and once with python, this will not work correctly so you need to fix your dockerfile

Incorrect. Multi-staged builds are a thing with docker, as shown in the docs. Use multi-stage builds | Docker Documentation

Yeah i know, but he is not doing anything with the first stage.

Also qovery doesn’t have support for selecting a specific stage. It auto picks the latest stage

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Fair enough. I haven’t really experimented with multi-staging myself just yet, although I think Qovery does support multi staging. Maybe a team member can shed some light on this matter.