Deployment Issues

I am trying to deploy an app and facing issues. The error message isn’t very clear. Attaching the screenshot, logs and the console URL

The error log is uploaded at dpaste: Deployment Error

My console URL is Qovery

Hey @r4881t,

Seems your app has been deleted, I cannot find anything from logs you shared, just deployment failed. I would like to check your app logs to see if I can find anything.
Do you mind redeploying this app and give the Qovery console URL to it?


I deleted the app. I found that this app was configured to 1 instance. So I tried to increase it. Then I got an error message, which told that since there is a storage I can not increase the count. So I tried deleting the storage (because it was not needed really), but then it said that once deployed with storage, the storage can not be removed, so I had to delete the app and then recreate a new one.
The new one works fine. I think it might be because of 1 instance configured.

Anyways this issue stands closed now.

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