Create a feature test environnement


Relevant information to this issue:

  • databases: MongoDB
  • Link to your application: Qovery


I want to deploy a new environment to test a feature.
I have 2 clusters: production & staging for now.
According to your documentation, I need logically to create a “development” environment.
But should I also create a new cluster ? I’m not sure when I have to create a new one or not

Hello @Geoffrey_S,

You can of course use your staging cluster when creating a new “development” environment.

I can see that your staging cluster is an EC2(K3S) cluster (it is limited to only one node, it doesn’t scale as EKS). As you have already 2 environments running, it is using the majority of your CPU available in this node:

If you want to create & deploy a new environment with the same services as your existing ones, you have 3 choices:

  • stop 1 of your 2 environments to free some resources: you will be able to start your new “development” environment
  • tune your existing environments services in the qovery console to free enough CPU to then start your new “development” environment
  • or change your current cluster instance types to have more resources allocatable

Also, you can use the preview environments feature “on demand” to create preview envs based on a dedicated PR: