Suggestion on Cluster Size and Environments

I was planning by cluster size and deployment environments. We have Prod, Stage and Dev.

On Prod we have 20+ micro services running, and Stage+Dev is another 20-25.

  • Would you recommend all environments to be deployed in single cluster. Will it make a difference if I separate prod and stage+dev, or keep all on single cluster?

  • If the suggested route is separate, is there a possibility that I could set up stage+dev on 1 or 2 nodes instead of 3 as it really won’t be required.

  • Can I change region after creating Cluster, and if Yes, will it also migrate my IP’s to new region? Or i


Hi @amitpareek ,

  1. Using multiple clusters is recommended for some reasons:
  • Having strong network isolation between prod and non-production environments
  • Non-shared resources between 2 different environments
  • Better control your costs based on the usage

Technically you can use only one if you want. But it’s better to separate when usages are not the same.

  1. Sure, you can mix stage and dev on the same cluster and production on another one. This is definitively what we recommend.

  2. No you can’t move a cluster from one region to another. However you can clone environments if you want, but it won’t move data as well. For this you may need to use an external tool like Replibyte.