Cluster CIDR


We have been using Qovery for a little over a year with 1 cluster that uses VPC peering with an existing VPC to connect the database.

We have a need for another cluster so I created a new cluster but did not specify a different CIDR. Oh no! Now I have 2 clusters with the same CIDR and of course, am having trouble adding a new route to my existing VPC route table.

Is it better to delete the recently created cluster and then recreate the cluster specifying CIDR, or could I in AWS add a new IPv4 CIDR to the VPC and use this CIDR for peering?

Thank you!

Hi @Lesley_Girao ,

In your case, it’s much better and easier to delete the second cluster and create a new one with a different CIDR. Changing the subnet for an existing cluster requires manual efforts on AWS and Qovery. So in your case, I’d definitely delete the 2nd cluster and recreate it.

I hope it helps.

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That helps! Thank you so much.