Can we change route table of the VPC created by Qovery?

We want to start using MongoDB from MongoAtlas. The best way to create a secure connection is to use their VPC peering feature. We initiated VPC peering from MongoAtlas, accepted the invitation and modified our routing table according to their guide.

  1. Will the Qovery revert back the routing table configuration when performing cluster update or other maintenance?
  2. Qovery allows installing on existing VPCs, can we unlink the VPC originally created by Qovery and start managing it ourselves?

Hello @prki,
Yes, during an update of the cluster, the configuration of the routing table will be reapplied and your custom configuration will be removed.
However you can update the Qovery vpc route table using the network tab as described in this documentation)

For you second question, the Deploy on existing VPC feature is only available at the creation of the cluster.