Cloud Managed DB (AWS RDS) IP whitelisting

Hi, I saw a some related posts from few years ago, but wanted to check what are recent updates on this topic. So, we have Cloud Managed Postgres instance in Qovery and want to make it accessible to Clickhouse Cloud without making it publicly accessible to everyone (basically - to do IP whitelisting). VPC Peering in not an option as Clickhouse doesn’t support it. Is there a good way to do that?

Hi, we are facing the same need. Could we have an answer/advice on this one? Thanks!

Hello @km1414

Have you tried a private network like VPN? If not, try this.
It can make a good connection between the postgres instance and clickhouse cloud; and Also you can try to use a reverse proxy set up :with IP white listing to restrict access IP addresses.

Let me know if this works

Hello @km1414 ,

You can configure that in the advance settings of your cluster

Be sure to re-deploy the cluster after you made the chance.

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Thanks for your advice. We decided to choose another way here and periodically send this data to Clickhouse instead of connecting from CH to postgres.

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