Whitelist IPs for AWS RDS Postgresql DB

We need the ability to lock down our database so it is only accessible from our application and a limited set of IP address (whitelisted).

Is that setting available in Qovery via Terraform/API/web console?


At the moment, it’s unfortunately not possible because we’re using AWS NLB. Not allowing us to limit IP access.

To enable IP whitelisting we should use ALB. We’re currently looking into this move. However, I’d like to have more information about what is your use case.

My question is: would you prefer whitelisting (so your database should be public) or would you prefer having an easy way through Qovery CLI to securely access your database (without having to set it public and whitelist IP)?


In connecting to our database, I would be looking to leverage the capabilities of a feature-rich SQL Client (ex: DBeaver, DataGrip) to query my data. Any mechanism that provides me this ability while locking down the database so only authorized users/ips can access would work.


Ok thanks for the feedback, that’s clear. cc @rophilogene