Cannot delete database


Relevant information to this issue:

  • OS:
  • databases: PostgreSQL AND Redis


When we try to delete an environment, the deletion gets canceled. We can delete each application or lifecycle one by one but we can’t delete any database.

For Redis we get the following logs:

And for PostgreSQL:

How could I force delete the database I’d like to delete?
Can I delete them from AWS? Will the deletion be replicated on Qovery?

Hey @jmeiss !

This is a regression we just introduced, a patch is on it’s way, I will let you now once fixed.
Status here => Database operations (create / update / delete) are failing – Incident details - Qovery Status

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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Hey @jmeiss,

Should be good now, can you test again?


Yes I confirm that it’s fixed. Thx

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Actually it worked for all environments but that one couldn’t be deleted:

Probably for another reason since all the services have been deleted but I’m unable to delete the environment :confused:

Indeed, since to be a weird glitch on our end, need to be investigated, might be caused by job called on delete.

Keep you posted :slight_smile:

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Yeah it’s most likely linked to our script called on delete that didn’t find a CNAME record on Route 53 since the deployment on environment creation didn’t succeed

Hi @bchastanier ,

May I ask you to delete the following environment I can’t delete by myself?

Or do you prefer to keep it in order to investigate where the bug comes from?

Hey @jmeiss,

Sure, I am deleting it.


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Thanks a lot @bchastanier :pray:

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